Another FAIL Sponsor

We love our sponsors because they will help you drink for free. This time around, it’s my good friend Kevin Grossman at HR Vendors. I love Kevin because his organization is always willing to try new things. Sponsor a party that celebrates corporate failure? Why the heck not. Thanks to HR Vendors for sponsoring the […]

Fail Spectacularly Gets Bigger

Dudes, have you RSVP’d for our party in Chicago ? If not, you are missing out on an opportunity to schmooze and network with VPs, social media gurus, and recruiting professionals. The people who will attend Fail Spectacularly are the very same people who are passionate about emerging from this economy with better jobs, better […]

Fail Spectacularly: The Party

Jason Seiden and I are hosting a party in Chicago for the fed up, the frustrated, the pissed off… and you. Are you a job seeker? HR professional? Recruiter? Someone who has had their world turned upside-down by this horrible economy? Yes? You’re probably dog tired of networking events packed with desperate. We certainly are. […]