Fail Spectacularly: The Party

Jason Seiden and I are hosting a party in Chicago for the fed up, the frustrated, the pissed off… and you.

Are you a job seeker? HR professional? Recruiter? Someone who has had their world turned upside-down by this horrible economy? Yes? You’re probably dog tired of networking events packed with desperate. We certainly are. So at our party, we’re doing something about it:

Jason and I will give you a microphone, a stage, and 5 minutes. You tell us how people in business FAIL SPECTACULARLY. Tell us how you—or a “friend of a friend”—recently blew the opportunity of a lifetime, fell to pieces at crunch time, or stepped in it big-time. It’s karaoke catharsis for anyone who’s surrounded by suck and who’s figured out that “meets expectations” is code for “management doesn’t want to pay bonuses.”

Because if you can’t beat it, put it on a stage and laugh about it.

Come listen to hilarious tales of woe, or sign up on site to share your own. The event is moderated by me, Punk Rock HR girl Laurie Ruettimann, and How to Self-Destruct guy Jason Seiden.