I Have Proof: Celebrating Self-Destruction Will Save Your Love Life

Yeah, I know, I never would have believed it either, had the proof not been sent to me via email tonight. Turns out, someone I met at the HR Tech Conference took a copy of How to Self-Destruct, read it on the plane home, liked it, gave it to is ex-girlfriend… and now she wants to go out again.

That’s the power of this whole Fail Spectacularly concept in it’s weakest form: delivered by one guy in the written (a.k.a. quaint) form. Please. First of all, who reads anymore? Secondly, there wasn’t even a party. And third, Scrubby wasn’t even involved. Yet as weak as it was, it still worked.

‘Tis the power, y’all. Now imagine concentrating the power of hundreds of people’s stories of corporate lunacy and putting them all to work for you.


This is going to be very… very…. good.