Welcome to Fail Spectacularly!, HR Happy Hour & Acquire!

Listen up, y’all—and I mean listen up—Fail Spectacularly! welcomes the HR Happy Hour, also known as the #1 podcast for HR professionals, to Chicago for a live broadcast!

Yep, this is now way more than a party. Thanks to Aquire, the HR Happy Hour will make a return visit to Chicago next month for this very special event. When it does, we’ll have officially taken the “karaoke-style catharsis” concept and gone global with it—because when Steve Boese broadcasts the Happy Hour, his listeners don’t just span time zones, they span continents.

So do you have a story about how you—or “someone you know”—bit it big time? (I didn’t just ask that as a question, did I? Yes, of course you do. We all do.) Now’s the time to dust off your creative license, dress up that story, and come ready to tell and be told tales of woe and wonder.

When it comes to jobs, great experiences and great stories don’t generally go together… unless you’re telling those stories at Fail Spectacularly! Chicago, in which case they most certainly do.